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Record Screen Capture Videos With OBS

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Create Screen Capture Videos with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

I'll teach you how to make screen capture videos that look and sound great.

Screen capture videos are a great way to start making videos.

They are useful to teach, to share ideas and even as marketing videos.

I use them extensively in my tutorials as well as YouTube videos.

And you only need minimal gear to start.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a free software that runs in Windows, OS X and Linux. Learn this once and use it across different operating system
  • OBS is powerful, yet is easy to learn and use without a steep learning curve. This makes it a great beginner tool
  • Basic screen captures
  • Advanced screen captures with webcam
  • Green screen or chroma key video in your home or office studio
  • Simple lighting setup
  • Suggested quality gear on a budget.

Student Testimonial

Excellent! Really cleared up my questions about a lot of the settings I needed. ~ Sue Lewis

. . . .I have been using OBS for some time but only learning on my own and the instructions presented go a lot deeper than the casual user or someone sticking to basic screen recording would know were possible. It's very clear. You can watch just the parts you personally need if preferred and come back for advanced features another time. Well done! ~ Charlie Ross

 "Never would have been able to learn OBS without this Tutorial! When I asked questions James got back to me quickly with the answers. Thanks, James!." ~ Larry Neiderhiser

James Woo walks you through Open Broadcast with the ease of of a professional guide. I would recommend the course and the software."  ~ Ted Hietala

"The instructor explains how to use OBS in details, explaining setting and showing how to use them. I was looking for a good free software to record my screen, thanks to this course I'm ready to use OBS." ~ Cristiane Ferreira

This course takes just slightly over 1 hour. With additional tips on lighting and suggestion cameras and microphones. 

No risk. 14 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

This course is made using Windows version of OBS.

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Record Screen Capture Videos With OBS

0 ratings
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