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Video Editing With Filmora

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This video editing course is for anyone who wants to create videos for your business or for your personal projects

I will teach you how to use Filmora from beginning to end even if you are a beginner.

I have been making videos since 2015 using various software including Filmora.

Update Jul 2022 - I've added lessons to include new functions in the latest Filmora 

By the time you go through this course, you will be able to:-

  • cut, trim and join videos together
  • add transitions
  • add text, titles and animated titles into your videos
  • ​put your logo or overlay so that your customers can find your business
  • create intros and outros
  • make chromakey or green screen videos
  • create PiP or picture-in-picture videos
  • put text behind a person or object
  • adjust and synchronize audio to your video
  • use the tools included for more advanced video effects

One of the biggest challenge if you are new to making videos is that it can be a bit frustrating to learn and apply the lesson at the same time.

I've designed the course with this in mind so that you can learn and use what you learn immediately.

I have taught several thousand people how to use video editing software quickly. From the young to much older people in their seventies and eighties.


I was very happy to find a course that was using an up to date version of the software being used and the clarity of instruction provided in the course that was very easy to follow ~ B. Crowe.

This is the by far the best beginners guide for Filmora Really appreciate this course. Thx ~ Xag Skills


If you get stuck in anyway, I will help you so you don't have worry that you are doing this alone.

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2 hours 45 min worth of video lessons for beginners and intermediate users.

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Video Editing With Filmora

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